Dear spoken word artists of Scotland (and beyond!)

One of the principle aims of Flint & Pitch Productions is to provide infrastructure and promotion to spoken word artists who are creating long-form spoken word shows of 20 – 60 minutes.

This is different from doing a 20 – 60 minute loose ‘set’ of poetry or spoken word. What Flint & Pitch wants to do is to challenge artists to explore specific themes and narratives in any performance, crossing between spoken word and theatre, as so many artists are starting to do. There is currently a lack of infrastructure to support such work: the Flint & Pitch Presents shows are a first step in addressing that.

So! Flint & Pitch wants to hear from any artists who fall into this broad spectrum that we call ‘spoken word’ who are either working on, or have completed, 20 – 60 minute shows. While there is no guarantee of being able to book or promote your show, Flint & Pitch aims, in the long-term, to be able to provide a less stressful, less risky, and more supportive platform to artists working between spoken word and theatre. Sometimes, this may mean booking a big-name outsider with two local support acts in a proper theatre venue; sometimes this may mean making space in a themed event for a 20 minute, curated performance that fits the bill. OR, Flint & Pitch could introduce artists working in similar themes and provide support for promotion of your show.

If this interests you, then I’d love to hear from you!  If you email flintandpitch@gmail.com with the following info, and “Your Name: Pitch” in the subject line –

– Name and short performance CV
– Links to existing work and/or reviews of existing work
– Title of your piece
– Length of your piece
– Themes and questions explored in your piece
– If your show is collaborative, how many performers are involved?
– Tech requirements for your piece

Again, please do bear in mind there are no guarantees of being able to book everyone; Flint & Pitch is currently a very small operation! I look forward to hearing from you!