Flint & Pitch Productions is a new spoken word, theatre and music project for Scotland, based in Edinburgh. Director and founder Jenny Lindsay produces innovative and entertaining spoken word, theatre, live literature and music events that showcase the best of Scotland-based spoken word alongside new and established musicians, songwriters and theatre-makers. 

From cabaret-style revue shows to long-form spoken word theatre, Flint & Pitch produces a diverse range of events, drawing on an impressive list of artistic contacts from the spoken word, theatre, literary and music scenes in Scotland.

All Flint & Pitch events, whether late-night, multi-act cabarets, or touring spoken word-theatre shows with local support acts, aim to pay industry-standard fees to all artists; are well-promoted and marketed to both audiences and press; are dedicated to gender-balanced bills, and are hosted, organised and curated with dedication and a love of all things spoken word!

Flint & Pitch plans three very different styles of events for 2016/17:

1: THE FLINT & PITCH REVUE! These late-night, cabaret-style shows will be diverse bills of amazing bands, 15 minute spoken word sets from top local and national performers, New Voices slots for newcomers to the scene, plus guest comperes; they aim to be all you could want from a late-night weekend show! There will be 7 ‘core’ Revue shows from Oct 16 – Jun 17 at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh, but these Revue shows will also travel. If you are an organisation wishing to programme an entertaining, fun, provocative and engaging event, do get in touch!

2: FLINT & PITCH PRESENTS…  These shows will feature a headline spoken word performer in a full-length, 60 min production, plus two local support acts in shorter sets. These productions aim to showcase touring spoken word shows in a proper theatre setting, with a chance for local artists to experiment with long-form spoken word/ theatre. The ‘Presents’ shows will often be collaborations between multiple artists around a given ‘theme’. There will be a 4 large-scale Presents shows at the Scottish Storytelling Centre from Feb 2017 – July 2017. This is a new and exciting model for promoting spoken word/ theatre shows.  See the ‘Open Call For Artists’ page for more info on pitching your show.

The 7 core Revue shows and 4 core Presents shows are grateful for the assistance of Creative Scotland funding.

3: THE LYCEUM VARIETY NIGHTS! Flint & Pitch Productions are delighted to be teaming up with the Lyceum to programme the music and spoken word acts for the Variety Night shows, conceived by new director David Greig. This is a marvellous opportunity to showcase emerging artists to new audiences, and Lyceum audiences to new artists! Follow The Lyceum for more news on dates and line-ups.

This three-strand approach aims to promote spoken word artists in particular, but does so in a way that will also showcase amazing musical and theatrical talent in Scotland; building new audiences, taking spoken word to new places, and supporting infrastructure for performers.

With guest hosts and comperes, collaborative productions, ever-changing bills of great acts, a new platform for long-form spoken word-theatre AND popular revue shows, have a gander at the ‘Upcoming Events’ page to see more of what Flint & Pitch is bringing to the Scottish spoken word, theatre and music scenes! Show your support by following @flintandpitch!

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