Year 2 is Upon Us!

We celebrated our 1st birthday at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Sunday 27 August with a Flint & Pitch Revue that summed up entirely why we do this Thing Called Show!

revue collage afters

For the full set of pics from Chris Scott click here!

With the epic A New International, excellent new work from debut authors Chris McQueer and Rachel McCrum, haunting gorgeousness from Laurence Made Me Cry and the performance poetry powerhouse that is Sara Hirsch (plus bonus collaboration between McCrum and ANI with a biting cover of We Call Upon The Author To Explain), our birthday Revue for the Unbound Speigeltent was an epic joy!

And so, pals, we are moving into Year 2….

moving into ye 2

Year 1 was a non-stop rollercoaster from the start and taking aw things into consideration, Flint & Pitch has been a mighty success, with 7 Revue shows, 4 Presents shows and 3 magnificent Lyceum Variety Nights, aided by a small but entirely necessary Creative Scotland award for the Revues and Presents series, which were also part-funded by Box Office. The CS funding meant that we could keep entry to our shows reasonably cheap while also paying our artists and the folks behind the scenes properly. We hate to say how rare this is… Hat tipped, CS, and thank you so much for the support in getting off the ground!


October Revue: Harry Giles, Chitra Ramaswamy, Jo Mango,Finn le Marinel,Hannah Lavery


Dec: JL Williams, Teen Canteen, Theresa Lola, Alan Bissett, Malachy Tallack, Harry Harris


Jan: Rachel McCrum, Ross Sutherland, Catherine Wilson, The Strange Blue Dreams, The Miss’s and hosts Jenny Lindsay & Cameron Foster.

revue 4 collage

March: Sophia Walker, Ryan Van Winkle, Urban Farm Hand, Ellen Renton, Djana Gabrielle and hosts Foster & Lindsay.

april revue collage

April: Josephine Sillars, Kevin Gilday, Jackie Kay, Craig Lithgow, Katharine Macfarlane

f and p line up.jpg

May: Gavin Inglis, Claire Askew, Heir of the Cursed, Clare Pollard, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, much Red Stripe, hosts Jenny Lindsay & Cameron Foster


And June, our tie-in Revue with the marvellous 404 Ink: Kirsty Logan, Nadine Aisha, Daniel Piper, RM Hubbert, Roseanne Reid, hosts Lindsay & Foster.

The Lyceum Variety Nights had 4 and 5 star reviews across the board, the Presents series had two sell-out shows, and the Revue series brought acts to Scotland for the first time for full sets including newly crowned UK Slam Champ Theresa Lola for the second of our Revues last December. We also showcased scratch performances from Sophia Walker and Daniel Piper at the Revues, and took relatively unknown names into the 600 seater Lyceum alongside some well-kent faces. We’re delighted to have been part of David Greig’s first season as Artistic Director of ‘The Old Lady of Grindlay Street’ and fair chuffed to have got her dancing so fine on a Sunday evening!

lyceum afters collage

Our Presents series brought three exceptional touring spoken word theatre shows to the Scottish Storytelling Centre, alongside supporting slots of 20 minutes from a range of new and emerging voices in Scotland-based spoken word and theatre. We’re immensely proud of this part of the year’s endeavours, cos we’re not going to lie… we were nervous! But! Whoddathunk – of course there is an audience and an appetite for a regular series of long-form spoken word in Scotland outwith August! 🙂 Hurrah!

presents collage

While we’re super proud of every show, the sold out show for the debut performance of Katherine McMahon’s “Fat Kid Running”, programmed through our Open Call (which garnered over 100 pitches) was one of the most exhilarating moments of the season and continues to bring a tear to oor eyes. Katherine’s show – and the 8 support slots for each Presents show – highlight just how much innovative new work is being made in spoken word in Scotland. It was an absolute privilege to get to showcase it and we’ve ambitions to repeat the Presents series in the future on hopefully a bigger scale!

kat presents collage

As well as that, we’ve done one-off events for Hidden Door, the Scottish Book Trust, Unique Events, the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and more.

It’s been a heady time for a (very) small team and it feels like a lot longer than just a year to be honest, and so we’re taking things gently for a wee bit….(Maybe. Honest. Maybe…) But, while there is no regular series planned, we’re delighted to announce a series a one-off wonders with a heap of great folks!

We’ve partnered with some brilliant organisations over the next wee while, including our two RECLAIM THIS SCRIPT events for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in October (mair on that shortly, compadres); a truly epic event coming up in November with ‘Previously…Scotland’s History Festival’ (keep eyes peeled, compadres), and much more to be announced along the way! (Including outwith the Central Belt…. 🙂 )

Absolutely massive thanks to everyone who has come along to Flint & Pitch events over the last year! There’s plenty more to come for the rest of the year and into 2018! xxx


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