Spoken word/ theatre fans! It’s our FINAL Present show of the season, and we’re delighted to say that Francesca Beard, ahead of touring the full theatrical version of the show, is bringing a bespoke version of How To Survive A Post Truth Apocalypse to the Scottish Storytelling Centre! TICKETS HERE: Read on for more info!

Flint & Pitch Present: How To Survive A Post-Truth Apocalypse

by Francesca Beard

With support from Jen McGregor’s ‘Grave’ and

Ross McCleary’s ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Viable Alternative to Death.’

fran poster final.jpg

Spoken word artist Francesca Beard is your sham-shaman, on an epic adventure through a wonderland of lies, fictions, Wikipedia facts and the stories we tell ourselves. Through a series of fabulous encounters, this show explores make-believe in its many forms, from political spin, to polite half-truths, to the lies we live by: ‘Capitalism is a meritocracy’; ‘Grandma, I love this cardigan’; ‘Yes, I have read the terms and conditions’.

Francesca is one of the most successful spoken word artists in the UK, and has developed innovative work such as Chinese Whispers and Animal Olympics. This new show explores our place in a new “post-truth” world that’s had enough of experts, but not enough of Donald Trump. It asks: ‘What is the global cost of make-believe?’, ‘Are all humans liars?’ and ‘Can the truth set us free?’

With support from:

“Portrait of the Artist As A Viable Alternative to Death”

by Ross McCleary


Portrait of the Artist as a Viable Alternative to Death is a unique randomisation of Ross McCleary’s book of the same name. An artist’s manifesto, a one-sided conversation, a desperate plea to be saved, the performance will explore the life and work of The Artist and the dark places he has gone to make art. The Artist will speak and you will listen, you will follow him into his labyrinthine mind… but will you escape?

Ross McCleary is from Edinburgh. He is an organiser for Inky Fingers, co-edits podcast journal Lies, Dreaming, and writer / host of Poets Against Humanity. Portrait of the Artist was recently shortlisted for a Saboteur award. His work has appeared online and in print in many places, most recently in Pushing Out The Boat, Riddled With Arrows, and Constellations.




“Grave” by Jen McGregor


In a remote graveyard in the Argyll Forest in the gathering October dusk, Jen McGregor finds that she is not alone. Perhaps breaking in wasn’t such a great idea…

In a combination of poetry and prose, Jen delves into a murky world of horror tropes and gallows humour. Can an avowed sceptic keep her cool when the Uncanny comes to call? Does courage extend further than her phone coverage? Should a grieving woman be more alarmed by the headstone with her name on it or the things that lie beyond the wall? Based on a true story. Aren’t they always?


Jen McGregor is an Edinburgh-dwelling Dundonian raised by Glaswegians. She has been published by New Writing Scotland, Bare Fiction, and 404 Ink. She won the Scottish heat of the Great British Write Off and was a finalist in the SMHAFF Writing Awards. Her plays have appeared at the Piccolo Theatre of Milan, the Traverse, and the Festival Castel dei Mondi. Jen is quite new to spoken word but has performed at Inky Fingers and Interrobang. Grave is her first venture into the crossover between theatre and spoken word.



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