An Interview With Audrey Tait!

Audrey Tait is a songwriter and producer, perhaps best known for co-founding Hector Bizerk. Alongside singer Michelle Low, her new outfit The Miss’s feature as part of The Flint & Pitch Revue #3 alongside Ross Sutherland, Rachel McCrum, Catherine Wilson and The Strange Blue Dreams. Tickets here.

Cameron Foster of Flint & Pitch, who co-hosts with Jenny Lindsay on Jan 20th, spoke to her about her reflections on 2016 and what is coming up from The Miss’s this year!


(Audrey Tait and Michelle Low)

Before we talk about the Miss’s; your other band, Hector Bizerk, bowed out in style at the Art School in October – have you had time to assess your impact on Scottish Hip-hop? 

Yeah, it’s been quite a reflective year and I feel really proud of what we achieved with Hector Bizerk. We started the band to push our own creativity and ended up exceeding the little expectations we had. In terms of hiphop, Scotland has had a diverse collection of emcees, b-boys, djs and graff artists for many years and I think we managed to push out to a wide audience that we could then bring into a vibrant scene they maybe weren’t aware existed on their doorstep. I feel like we impacted the music scene positively in general. If there wasn’t a door open for us, we’d find a wee window round the back to climb through and that’s an attitude I’ll maintain for the rest of my life. Too many musicians think they “need” a manager or an agent or whatever but the truth is, you need ambition and the drive to get what you’re after and I think we had that in abundance. A bit of talent probably helps too haha!

Despite being busy with Hector Bizerk, The Miss’s have been around for a few years too, can you tell us about how you got together?

Michelle and I have known each other our whole lives and when I started drumming in a soul band I insisted they had to hear her sing as she had it in her bones! Sure enough, she blew them away and joined the band. After a wee while, we started trying some covers together with me on the guitar which lead to us writing our own songs. We’ve went through a few different stages but we both feel like right now is the strongest we’ve been. I think because we have both always been involved in other projects we’ve grown in confidence and have more belief in our writing.

You guys certainly aren’t messing about, your album Crash due to launch at Celtic Connections in January, what can we expect to hear?

I guess you’re right! I hadn’t really thought about it like that but aye, we’re straight in there with an album! Why not? We both much prefer listening to albums and I think the type of music we make leans more to that kind of audience rather than a few one off singles. We’re not looking to hit the charts, we just want people to listen. Crash is a collection of songs mostly written this year and recorded at Paulshalls. I’ve loved working on it, using production techniques I’ve picked up over the years in the studio and learning loads more in the process. It’s a full band sound on the recordings and we’re acoustic for our live shows but either way expect to hear Michelle’s amazing voice, harmonies, counter-melodies, dynamics and a drummer playing guitar!

You’re obviously quite comfortable flipping between different genres, do you think it’s important that a band has a specific “sound”, or is that not as important as perhaps it used to be?

I think you can have a “sound” without boxing it into one genre. I love when a musician is recognisable by the way they play and the tone of their instrument/voice so I think that’s important but I don’t think people are as fussed about being so specific about things now. At the end of the day, a good song will be a good song and that’s all everybody is working to achieve. Well, that’s our aim anyway.

With an album launch so early in the year, what does the rest of 2017 hold for The Miss’s?

We want to get out and play this album! We’ve both had our fair share of great gigs around the country but not really done that together so that’s the plan for this year. Inevitably, we’ll keep writing along the way as well.


We’re delighted to be welcoming The Miss’s to our stage! Tickets here! xx



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